West Indianapolis Development Corporation

Our Neighborhood

West Indianapolis is an older, working class neighborhood with residential living mixed with heavy industry. Located on the near southwest side of the city center, the West Indianapolis neighborhood is bound by the White River on the east, Raymond Street on the south, Holt Road on the west, and the Conrail railroad tracks on the north. These boundaries cover the area of the former Town of West Indianapolis annexed into the City of Indianapolis more than 100 years ago.

In 2000, the neighborhood had 10,075 residents, but a daytime population of nearly twice that number. Like much of the near south and west sides of Indianapolis, West Indianapolis has always been a working neighborhood where modest homes were constructed for recent immigrants. The homes were immediately adjacent to factories and shops in which the immigrants worked. This frugality is evident in the small size and simple design of the homes. Waves of immigrants from Germany, Italy, Eastern Europe, and Appalachia settled in the area. The density, affordability, and proximity to employment and transportation continue to attract new immigrants – evidenced by the recent substantial influx of Hispanic residents.One appeal of West Indianapolis is that it is a “small town within a big city.”