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Donors & Supporters 


WIDC would like to thank the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership for their generosity and support. Over the past 6 years they have provided  over $70,000 in support to: build  new homes for affordable homeownership,  rehab homes for affordable rentals, put on an event for 5 CDC Board members to learn more about how development works, help support New Day Café & West Indy Winterfest and create a new 5 year Strategic Plan to guide our work.     


WIDC would like to thank Eli Lilly for their ongoing support with a grant of $10,000 to support our rental housing projects. Over the past 10 years Lilly has contributed over $110,000 to our operations and have invested over $1 million dollars in affordable housing in West Indy.    



Thank you to MIBOR for your generous grant of $5000 to purchase properties for future new homes.  


Thank you to Citizen’s Energy for their generosity and grants totally $13000 to support our operations.  

WIDC would like to thank the following individuals and companies for their generous donations through our NAP Credit Program:

Bruce Schumacher

Basim Abdullah/Triangle Associates

James Lloyd

Corrie Meyer

Mike Clemens

Charity Stowe

Joe Giocoletti

First Merchants Bank

Blue Lake Development

Joyce Woodson

Nicole Woodson

Mary Julia Surak

Nick Surak

Terri Garcia

Corrie Sharp/Innovative Planning

Sharon Thompson

D&N Liquors

Rob Santa 

Vogt Construction 

Utterback Supply 

WIDC would also like to thank individual donors

Kieron & Courtney Mitchell

Jim Hardee

Thank you to Innovative Planning for your generous in-kind donations to support our affordable homeownership program. 

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