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The West Indianapolis Community Fund (WICF) is made possible by the generous financial support of residents and businesses.  To date, with their help $323,000 has been awarded to over 115 community improvement projects.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Abel

Mrs. Rhonda H. Akers

Ms. Mary M. Allard

Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Allen

 Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Andersen

Ms. Kimberly S. Andersen

Ms. Joan M. Bechdol

Sandra K. Bickel

Mr. Michael D. Brown

Ms. Darlene Combs

Ms. Betty Conner 

Mr. Keith M. Dunkel

D. Gaither

Mr. Joe A. Giacoletti

Ms. Beth J. Gibson

Mr. and Ms. Albert Joseph Gibson

Ms. Idalina Holliday Grain

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Grain

Mr. James E. Grim, Jr.

Mr. and Ms. Dean Hackett

Ms. Cornelia P. Harris

Ms. Carolyn S. Hilton

Ms. Lori L. Himmel

Ms. Nadine Holdeman

Ms. Phyllis A. Imel

Ms. Kathy L. Jensen

Ms. Susan Blandina Jones

Ms. Jayna Lynn Kadel

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Lashbrook

Bertha Leak

Ms. Sondra J. Leeds

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Marsh

Mrs. Pat Marsh

Ms. Rosemarie Marsh 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Martin

Ms. Maggie McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Mark McCoy

Mrs. Andrea L. McMullin

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Napoleon

Ms. Kelly S. Porter

Ms. Beverly J. Sprowl

Mrs. Mary G. Siefert

Mr. and Mrs. Len Stefano

Ms. Amy K. Tompkins

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wachtmann

Ms. Martha Wedemeyer

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Whitney

73 Development Corporation

Alliance for Health, Inc.

American Legion Auxiliary – Unit 64

AML Properties, Inc.

Circle City Metal Recycling, LLC

Community Solutions, Inc.

Daniel Webster Family Academy – IPS # 46

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc.

The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, Inc.

Indianapolis Power & Light Company


Jupiter Leasing, Inc.


Opinion Dynamics Corp.

Power Chord Properties, LLC

School 49 PTA

Stace-Allen Chucks, Inc.

St. John the Forerunner Orthodox Church Inc.

True North Landscaping, LLC

TDY Corporation

Willoughby Industries, Inc.

Thank You!


For more information please contact:

Lisa Laflin

317-638-9432 ext. 1 

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