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West Indianapolis Community Fund 

Grant Information 


West Indianapolis Community Fund was created by West Indianapolis Development Corporation to inspire and empower individuals and organizations to improve the Quality of Life in West Indy - to turn visions for positive change into reality. How are YOU  going to improve West Indy? 

Who: Individuals and organizations within the West Indianapolis neighborhood boundaries (Washington Street, White River, Raymond and Holt) can apply for the grant. 

What: Grants between $250-$1000 to improve the quality of life in West Indy. Larger grants will be considered on a limited case-by-case basis. 

Where: Complete the application online.

When: Submit your application at least 3 months before your project/need.  

How 1: Grants are reviewed by a committee of neighbors and community leaders and approved by the West Indianapolis Development Corporation Board on a bi-monthly basis.

How 2: Generous donations from neighbors, businesses, organizations, and community leaders make it possible for you to make a positive change in our community

West Indianapolis Community Fund Grants should: 

  • Improve the Quality of Life of residents in the West Indy community

  • Be community and resident-serving

  • Involve and engage the residents of West Indy and encourage involvement with other community partners

West Indianapolis Community Fund grants are not intended for: 

  • Individual use or benefit 

  • Fundraisers

  • Salaries, mortgages, and rent 

  • For-Profit activities 

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